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DICOM labeling tool

complete solution for medical DICOM annotation



Clone project or dataset to selected workspace or project, works with all project types: images / videos / 3d / dicom


Import dicom studies

Convert DICOM data to nrrd format and creates a new project with images grouped by selected metadata


RITM interactive segmentation SmartTool

State of the art object segmentation model in Labeleing Interface


Import DICOM Volumes

Import volumes in DICOM and NRRD formats without annotations


Export volumes in Supervisely format

Export project or dataset in Supervisely volumes format


Import Volumes in Supervisely format

Import Supervisely volumes project with annotations


Train RITM

Dashboard to configure, start and monitor training


Volume Interpolation

Slicer 3D algorithms for volume interpolation


Split datasets

Split one or multiple datasets into parts


Serve ClickSEG

Deploy ClickSEG models for interactive instance segmentation


EiSeg interactive segmentation SmartTool

SmartTool integration of Efficient Interactive Segmentation (EISeg)


Export volume project to cloud storage

Export volume project to Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, ...


Create project from template

Create a new empty project with a meta of original project


Slice volume

Slice volumes to 2d images


Demo volumes with labels

Demo volumes with labels

Project with labeled dicom and nrrd volumes


Demo volumes

Demo volumes

Demo project with dicom / nrrd volumes without labels