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Save your assets and labels in different formats

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Export as masks

For semantic and instance segmentation tasks


Export to Supervisely format

images and JSON annotations


Convert Supervisely to YOLO v5 format

Transform project to YOLO v5 format and prepares tar archive for download


Export to COCO

Converts Supervisely to COCO format and prepares tar archive for download


Export only labeled items

Export only labeled items and prepares downloadable tar archive


Export to YOLOv8 format

Transform Supervisely format to YOLOv8 format


Export to Pascal VOC

Converts Supervisely Project to Pascal VOC format


Export activity as csv

Download activity as csv file


Download images

Download images from project or dataset.


Export to DOTA

Export images in DOTA format and prepares downloadable archive


Export to Cityscapes

Converts Supervisely annotations to Cityscapes format and prepares downloadable tar archive


Export COCO Keypoints

Converts Supervisely format to COCO Keypoints


Download image links in CSV

Download CSV file with download links for images


Export Metadata

Export Images Metadata from Project


Export items after review

Export items after the passing labeling job review


Export to COCO mask

Converts annotations from Supervisely to COCO format as RLE masks with preserving holes


Render video from images

Creates video from images in dataset with selected frame rate and configurable label opacity


Create JSON with reference items

Objects with specific tag will be treated as reference items


Export project to cloud storage

Export project to Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, ...


Tags to image URLs

Saves tag to images mapping to a json file